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About Us

Is book selection become a time-consuming burden?

  • Did you know that there will be approximately 9,200 new books published in the next 12 months, designated as written for the K-12/juvenile market?

  • If that’s not intimidating enough, these 9,200 new books will be published by over 50 publishers.

  • Would you rather be spending more time with your patrons than in your office browsing through hundreds of books listed in publishers’ catalogs or the Internet for books worth consideration to add to your library?

  • Do you find yourself getting asked by your patrons about books they’re looking for, that you haven’t even heard of yet?

  • Do you find yourself responding to advertisements for books from publishers or limiting yourself (by necessity) to a couple of review magazines, and using those limited resources for your purchase decisions?


Can we help solve this problem?

  • How would you like be provided a list of around 100 new books each month, from which you can choose as many as you want, without having to create more than one purchase order each year?

  • What if this list has been compiled by book selection experts, from the hundreds of books published each month, who know what your patrons are clamoring for?

  • What if your patrons figured out that every month you’re displaying from 5 to 20 brand new books, and they found out what our box looks like and haunt the front office waiting for the next months’ books to arrive?

  • How great would it be to realize that your school has hundreds of kids who discover that you have great new books in your library?


Please read on. We may be able to help…

Who is Atlantis Subscriptions?

For 35 years we’ve offered a simple way for one purchase order to provide you with a box of newly published books every month for a full year. It’s like getting a monthly birthday box containing books for which your patrons will clamor. 


Why choose Atlantis Subscriptions?

Simply put, there are thousands of books published in the United States each year. As you know, finding then sorting through all of those titles is enormous and incredibly time consuming. You may be missing a tremendous number of titles that your patrons may well appreciate.


How does this help the busy librarian?

Instead of your viewing and reviewing so many titles, we narrow the list to around 100 titles per month. These are the best books written, by the best authors, with the best reviews. By subscribing to our service you will have access to this exclusive, highly valued list of titles. Further, we break down these 100 titles by grade level range. You’ll be able to zero in on the books that are most appropriate for your school, whether it be a K-5/6, K-8, K-12, 6/7-8/9, or 9-12. We differentiate between books for guys and for girls. We also offer review sources, Lexile/Accelerated Reader/ and Common Core Curriculum standard information for each book we list, where available. Our sole purpose is to seek out the best newly published titles released from dozens of publishers each and every month and to deliver them to you about the same time they arrive at your local book stores. By concentrating on new books, we avoid sending you books you already have. You choose how many books you want to receive each month. Choose 5, 10, 13, 18 or more new books each month.  


What guarantee do I have?

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Any book selection you find unacceptable may be returned for replacement.


What about book processing?

MARC 21 records, spine labels, catalog cards or Mylar hardback book covers are available for each title we send. The cards/labels arrive in the box with your books so there’s no need to wait to place your books in circulation. MARC records are available FREE online. If you need a disk or customized MARC records, we now offer this service for a flat fee of $30.00 per subscription. Please see the order form for pricing

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