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Would you believe that there is an average of 1,500 new books published each month designated as “Juvenile?” (Grades K-12, ages 5-18)


As a librarian whose job is to teach library skills, collaborate with teachers and administrators on the implementation of curriculum guidelines and standards, and maintain your library collection, the thought of searching and reading about 1,500 titles and evaluating them for use and appropriateness in your library is a daunting task.


It starts with your purchase order. You chose how many books you’d like to receive each month. Submit one purchase order for your years’ subscription. And start receiving newly published books each month.


We put together a list of the best books, selecting around 125 books each month from the 1,500 published to provide you a quick and easy way to select the books that will be most important to add to you library collection.


We have two exciting options:

  • Atlantis Select: We chose the books best suited for your school grade level range. Read the detailed information by clicking the school type you’re serving on the left of this page to see how that works.

  • eSelect:  We provide you with a list each month of these 125 books via email about 4 weeks before we make our monthly shipment. You select from this list the books you’d like to receive, and email your selections back to us. You can select hardback or paperback, from any grade level to insure your kids have access to the books you want to help build on the curriculum for your school.

Won’t you give Atlantis Subscriptions a try?


Let Atlantis Subscriptions help …


Subscribe today.





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