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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Atlantis Subscriptions?
For over 25 years Atlantis Subscriptions has been providing brand new first edition books in a subscription format to school librarians like yourself nationwide.


What do we do that’s so different?
We offer a simple way for one purchase order to provide you with a box of newly published library books every month for a full year. It’s like getting a monthly birthday present containing books for which your patrons will clamor.


Why choose Atlantis Subscriptions?
Book selection for newly published books is a time-consuming chore that most librarians enjoy, but have trouble finding enough time for. Getting information about new books is much harder than finding information on books that have been out for a while.


Our sole purpose is to seek out the best newly published titles released from over 100 publishers each and every month and to get them to you about the same time they arrive at your local bookstore. By concentrating on new books, we avoid sending you books you already have. You choose how many books you want to receive each month. Choose 5, 10. 13, 18 or more new books each month.


How do we select books?
Best-reviewed/starred books from SLJ, Booklist, Horn Book, ALA and other review sources for high school students are the first selection criteria we target. Secondly, we look at the history of the authors and select based on their past performance. Thirdly, we consider content and age-level appropriateness. Finally, we balance the selection for male/female as well as above, at, and below grade-level readers. Although a majority of the books we send are fiction, both fiction and nonfiction titles are considered.


Trends in Today’s Publishing
There has been a growng trend in today's young adult marketplace to tolerate, and even encourage, books that have objectionable language or content. Based on librarian feedback, we are excluding books that compromise our commitment to quality selections. Selections you can be proud to carry in your library are our goal.


What guarantee do I have?
We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Any book selection you find unacceptable may be returned for replacement.

What about book processing?
MARC 21 records, spine labels, catalog cards or Mylar hardback book covers are available for each title we send. The cards/labels arrive in the box with your books so there’s no need to wait to place your books in circulation. MARC records are available FREE online. If you need a disk or customized MARC records, we now offer this service for a flat fee of $30.00 per subscription. Please see the order form for pricing.

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